Éditions Guy Saint-Jean Vivre Simplement Book
Éditions Guy Saint-Jean Vivre Simplement Book

Vivre Simplement Book

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This book is perfect for minimalism lovers who want to live more simply and enjoy life fully, without fla fla.

Vivre simplement is full of creative ideas, easy to put into practice to slow down and enjoy a sweeter, simpler and happier day.

Do your drawers overflow? It's time to empty them, and make sure you do not fill them again! Your children lacks autonomy? Maybe they miss time to get bored ... Do you feel short of breath? Cook your own bread or take care of your wooden utensils. Your house is invaded by objects of all kinds? Let go of the "just in case" objects . As effective as a yoga class!

Elisabeth Simard proposes an approach based on minimalism, a modern and accessible approach that fits perfectly with the growing idea that a simpler life not only helps to protect the environment, but also to invent our own happiness and ensure the well-being to be of our children. Thanks to this fiercely original vision, the reader will also see his creativity stimulated and feel that he is naturally filled with resources to live simply.


The author

Elisabeth Simard works in residual materials management. Known for her Ribbon Cassette blog, where she shares her daily inspirations since 2011, she comes from the Quebec City region and still lives there, with her lover, their three children and their four chickens.



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Éditions Guy Saint-Jean
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